The Shady Character Society

Day 2

And the Adventure really begins

After arriving in The Pyramid of Shadows the S.C.S. immediately had to fight for their very survival against a duo of Carrion Crawlers and an Ettin with an obsession with heads. After that epic battle, in which little known allies gave their lives for good of the S.C.S. the party looted, finally rested. After meeting their new guide and "ally’ V., the party set off to find their way out of the Pyramid. Coming across a rat infested room with a ton of bones, and The Library of Whispers. In the Library the S.C.S. suffered severe causalities, leaving only Kor alive. He limped away from the Mindstrike, Voidblades, and Thoughtbows back to the main pit where for Millennia, or so it seemed, he watched the epic gladiatorial battles while waiting for new adventures to recruit into the S.C.S. and escape the deadly Pyramid of Shadows.



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