The Shady Character Society

Day 4

To Fire or not to Fire, Fuck if I know

After clearing the Library of Whispers the S.C.S. argued about setting fire to the library or not, and which direction they ought to proceed. It was decided to venture into the Pyramids internal forest, where they encountered the Arborials, after they had attempted to set fire to the hedges…. After being escorted to the leader of the Arborials, whom asked the S.C.S. to take on the Carnal Lord (see Factions within the Pyramid of Shadows) in return for information needed to escape the Pyramid. En route back to the pit we came across some blackscale brutes who were summarily defeated. Afterwards we rescued one of V.’s lifeforce shards and encountered the Mercenary band of Garrish Veh (again see Factions within the Pyramid of Shadows). After failed diplomacy the S.C.S. went to town and crushed the Merc outpost, only to hear footsteps coming down the hall…….



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