Factions within the Pyramid of Shadows

Known Factions within the Pyramid of Shadows:
- The Charnel Lord: An unknown entity with tentacles that end in gnashing jaws that extend from a central body that itself is a giant mouth. The Arboreals find this creature repulsive and have tasked the S.C.S. with its elimination with the promise of support and vital information that will aid in the escape of this timeless magical Prison. After six months the S.C.S. assaulted the Charnel Lord, and his Rats, ending his time within the mysterious prison.

-Mercenary Band of Garrish Veh: The most recent arrival to the pyramid prior to the arrival of the S.C.S. Known to others and not particularly well received, and yet also not interacting with many other factions on this floor (Base?) of the pyramid. Apparently they have fortified several points within the pyramid with on of their outposts coming under assault by the S.C.S. after failed attempts at diplomacy. After allying with an escaped Gith Ranger, the S.C.S. went on to ‘engage’ the Veh and his band in a spectacular battle. The motivations and overall locations of this Faction are unknown, and likely will not be known unless the survivors of this band are found and questioned.

-Arboreals: Denizens that made their way to the pyramid some time ago and have created a forest to live in. While not normally fond of those who would trespass in their woods, these arboreals have decided to aid the S.C.S. as they would like to escape the pyramid but fear to venture that far into the pyramid and collect the resources and knowledge needed to escape. After the defeat of the Charnel Lord, the Arboreans have pledged their support due to the removal of a repulsive enemy and clearing the first level such that they can expand their Forest. When the S.C.S. makes its way to the top of the pyramid and confront Karavokoss, should we send a messenger back to the first level they will send warriors to aid in the battle.

-Knowledge Eaters: Not much is known other then that they occupied the Library of Whispers. They are now dead by the hand of the S.C.S. They may have links to Kravakoss

- Succubus: This evil entity was locked in a chapel, and dispatched by the S.C.S. How and why it was entrapped in this chapel dedicated some some good aligned divinity.

-Kravakoss: An Ancient Tiefling who Apparently started off as a petty noble who wanted more and more power, and was granted an infernal army that would not abandon him so long as he was not defeated. Though the prime material plane was the base of a mighty empire he forged, he desired more and invaded the Feywild. When defeated he was sent to the Pyramid of Shadows (maybe even built it to hold him???). Seemingly has risen to some position of power within the Pyramid, and must be defeated 3 times in order to earn our Freedom. Also was the former lover of Vyrellis, and believed that she had betrayed him and thus lead him to be trapped within the pyramid.

-V.: Our resident head in a crystal providing some advice and knowledge on the pyramid, for an unspecified price. Needs us to collect the shards of her life force in order to free here. She was the Eladrin lover of Kravakoss, until she was betrayed be her sister upon Kravakoss’ defeat, and trapped within the Pyramid along with the now scorned lover. He executed her and trapped her essence within a crystal and placed her body in a magical status as a trap. Deeply Desires revenge on her former lover.

Factions within the Pyramid of Shadows

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