The Book of Kor

These are the Journal entries of Kor, banished elven warrior from the Vel tal Kett. By the grace of any of the gods these entries will be required reading for young warriors entering into the service of some state or order that I have established. If not they will hopefully be a record of the many dangers of the world and how to overcome them, and to learn from the mistakes that may have taken my life prematurely.

Book 1: The Establishment of the Kor, the Mercenary Captain

Book 2: The Battle of Blood Gate Pass

Book 3: The City Watch

Book 4: Civil War

Book 5: The Grand Caravans of the Black Sand Deseret

Book 6: The Spear of Judgement

Book 7: The Tower of the Magi

Book 8: The Shady Character Society
A new day: SCS:-1
In the wake of King Albion’s ill conceived crusade against the Magi order, and the
death of my 32nd Mercenary Band I decided to take up adventuring yet again to gather some
resources in order re-establish myself and a new band troops. To this end I have taken
up work under the leadership of Wilden Druid named Thesoux. To be honest my friend I have
my doubts about this group, but my options are few as Albion’s agents are closing in to
ensure that the Kings. So off I go, to meet with the Druid and his newly assembled cohort
attempts to wipe out an ancient and good order were not found out.

Upon Arrival I was shocked to discover not only are there no solid plans to discover treasure and goods, but that among the founding members of this Shady Character Society was the Bard/Cleric from the battle of Blood Gate Pass, whose name I have learned to be Pius. To say the least my friend, I was very worried that misfortune would be bound to follow as this man with many faces had brought woe to so many, indeed such that I have seriously thought that he may indeed be an Avatar of Woe from some forsaken God of Pain….. But off we go, to some distant city.

Well my friend our travels to that distant city, whose name has been forgotten in the
countless years I have spent in this forsaken pyramid, were interpreted by a crazed old
man. Some of my fellow adventures wanted to reason with this crazed man, who decided that
talk was cheap and launched spells at us. He stood no chance against the well seasoned
adventures I have joined up with, though Pius made some interesting attacks against
the deranged wizard. It seemed to me that he attempted to convince the old mad that he had
cast some spell, without casting it. To say the least this tactic did not work, but
presents an interesting idea that could be used at some point in the future. With his
dying breath, and a map he conveniently had in his pocket, he said The Pyramid of Shadows was a location of great power and magic. With that we made a detour to the
nearby pyramid to investigate these claims.

Upon arrival to the location indicated on the crazed wizards map, we were mystified by the very apparent lack of a pyramid. many of my companions quickly jumped to the conclusion that the old mad was a few orcs short of a horde. If only that were the case, I would not have spent untold eons in this cursed place. Upon arrival my companions came under assault, which I initially avoided due to my scouting in front and off to the side. My companions were somewhat shaken when it became clear that these bandits possessed a Rage Drake. However the newly formed S.C.S proved its mettle in this battle, with Pius convincing some of the bandits to turn on their allies, not to dissimilar to his actions at blood gate pass, and from the shadows and trees I rained death upon these unfortunate fools. Upon dispatching the bandits Omar Little touched a small golden pyramid located among the rocks……..and this began our adventure in the cursed prison that is The Pyramid of Shadows with any luck you are not reading this tome within that accursed place.


The Book of Kor

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